Posted by: normanlgreen | August 4, 2011

Dream, August 4, 2011

Dream, home, 2:36 am – recorded 5:43 am

Two guitars lay a quick arpeggio across two close but clashing diminished chords set a half step apart in interval and a sixteenth note in time.  The sound of a man in the pillory.  No one belongs there.

I have followed my wife as we park two cars on a raised deck at an oversized shopping mall like the Galleria in Houston.  It has stopped raining but the sky remains heavy.  Rainwater drains for the tilted concrete.  It is late morning as I run across the parking lot to enter the building through a back entrance that opens to a delivery corridor.  This passage leads up a steel staircase and winds past the back doors of several shops before opening onto the mall proper.  I snake around the tables in a crowded eating area, roughly triangular in shape, growing narrower before it ends at a wide avenue for the mall walkers.  I sense my wife ahead of me somewhere – she is playing a trick on me and keeping just out of sight.  Before I go into the retail space and lose my sense of direction, I back out through the same hallway.  It has, of course, changed and now leads to underground parking with low overhanging I-beams spray coated in asbestos overlaid with cobwebs.  Spray painted letters and  numbers put there to aid in navigation are irrationally sequenced.  I can make nothing of the system and feel I am supposed to remember a place I have not visited before.

On waking I wonder at the architectural nature of my dreams.


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