Posted by: normanlgreen | August 12, 2011

Dream, August 12, 2011 — young stones

Dream, home, 6:35 am (sleeping late)

The Rolling Stones are coming to America for the first time. They have set up their equipment on a stone slab patio behind a mid 50’s rambler house where I am also a guest. There is no big crowd, just myself and the family who own the house. I wait for these youngsters to come out and perform for us. Brian Jones, short, early 20’s, wearing a hounds tooth suit and a cravat, comes out of the house carrying a solid body electric. He is sober and all business, will not make conversation as he plugs in, tunes up and plays a few licks through his tiny amplifier. He strikes open chords with fingers only on the low E and B strings, letting the others drone as he moves up the neck. The other boys come out and get ready. They are all nervous at this, their first performance in America. I see how young they are, with Keith Richards still in a late adolescent acne stage. He at least will make eye contact.


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