Posted by: normanlgreen | August 15, 2011

Dream fragment August 15 2011 + 1 year ago today

Dream, Home 5:34am

Walking under high tension lines. Yellowed grass.

Since that is so brief, here is what dreamt me a year ago:

(from 8/15/2010)  At 2 am, I woke from a dream wherein I was one of a group of people leaving Vietnam. There is a woman in green camo fatigues walking beside me – we are flirting. She tells me her name with a big smile and as we walk across a military airport tarmac, she asks: “and what about you?” I put on a girl’s voice somewhere between valley girl, stewardess and Minnesota Lutheran twang. “Well, I’m Brandy. And I’m a Libra – of course – and on Saturdays I am a competitive boxer. And you, young lady – if I’m not mistaken – have a glass jaw. Am I right?”  She continues to smile at me as we enter an isolated building on the runway. Here we will sign the last papers before flying home.


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