Posted by: normanlgreen | August 18, 2011

Dream, August 18, 2011 visitors & snow

Dream, home 6:12 am

I live in an urban apartment in a seaside town. There has been a snowstorm and Metin has called to say he will bring his daughter for a visit. We do not get many chances to play in the snow, so there is some excitement with both events coming at the same time. He calls again to say that they have been hit by a blizzard. I look at the window which is opaque with ice. At first I think that the building has been buried in a sudden storm. He tells me that he is only pulling my leg, that it is clean and bright. I move to another window and look out to the East. The previous window has simply been frosted. Another friend, Scott calls. He also wants to visit. This is great news. But when he hears that we already have guests, he backs away from the idea. I assure him that it will not be a problem, but the visit is left undecided. In the mean time, our first batch of guests have come, and Sherwin has taken them out for a walk through the city. I leave the apartment to track them down. Outside it is bright, clear and cold, but much of the snow has blown away. At various turns, I am delayed in conversation with people on the street. I know there is no hope of finding Metin and Sherwin, so go back home to wait for their return. Inside, two of our other housemates decide that instead of moving out, they will rearrange their furniture. One measures wall space by stretching out his arms. They will moving a trunk from in front of a disused door, but rather than keeping it clear, they decide to place a large television in the space. They go through much rigamarole to untangle wires from other objects. The taller of the two men, a pale skinned African American, wants it understood that they cable box is his and that they will need to runa wire to his corner of the room so his personal TV will also be online.


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