Posted by: normanlgreen | August 24, 2011

Dream, august 24, 2011

dream, home 6:22 am

A green union bug floats above fallen doric columns.


from a a year ago today:

I work as a pop singer on a tv show that is recorded or perhaps broadcast live with a studio audience. The show is built around songs and little contests, drawings, etc that give the audience trinkets of promo or greater access to me. At the end of a show, I will be doused with red coolaid. As they prepare to soak me for entertainment, I unbutton my shirt – an aloha shirt with white back ground and red flashes, with flecks of green and gold bamboo – no doubt inspired by my old wall paper in Waco. I figure that the shirt will be raffled-off, so it might as well not be stained.


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