Posted by: normanlgreen | August 28, 2011

Dream, august 28, 2011 a Kenyan child

Dream, home 7:30 am

Peggy has adopted a daughter while in Kenya. The two have come back to the States, where Peggy introduces the child to me. She carries the girl held to her chest, so in order for me to see the child’s face, Peggy must turn her back to me. The child is both shy and frightened. She has a headscarf wrapped around her, the fabric a pattern of black and red on a white background. Her face is round and her skin very dark and smooth. Her eyes are round as well, and their whites are very clear. She will not open her mouth to speak, nor will she blink as she looks into my face with suspicion. When Peggy tries to put her down, the child, possibly eight years old, struggles to keep hold of her new mother. The more Peggy insists that she be put down, the more firmly the girl clutches on. At one point she bites softly onto Peggy’s shoulder to assert her hold.

Waking words: “Powder Puff” by Karl Marx – the story of a tinker with a heart of moss.

Earworm: violin romantic pop tune for the early thirties, in 2/4. In every Fred Astaire picture there is the number wherein the man and the woman discover during a slow and fluid dance that they have feelings for each other – it would serve well for that kind of scene.



  1. Hmmmm…..Another child to raise? I don’t think I’m ready for this. You can be sure I’ll be monitoring MY dreams for any confirmation 🙂

    • she was lovely — but very concerned.

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