Posted by: normanlgreen | August 29, 2011

Dream August 29, 2011 – creatures and preachers and drift

Dream, home 2:48 am

A preacher with copied set of his check register, very tidy, but the sheets are made of white rubber.

5:22 am

Taking the parking brake while parked uphill on 18th street, the car rolls back toward Donovan. The foot brake is soft, ineffective. I turn the wheel hard to the left and get the car stopped in a bike lane to avoid drifting backward into traffic.

6:31 am

I live and work in a large house/ manufacturing facility. The head of the organization has called a meeting on efficiency. Once we are gathered around a long table in a lunch room, he stands and starts applauding while a little man with a lap top approaches and takes one of the empty seats. He is introduced as an efficiency expert. I feel dubious. He is asked to tell a certain story. He recalls how they put tape lines on the floor in the work area of an out of shape worker. “to track his traffic patterns?” I ask. Yes, before the tape all they could judge by was a groove he had worn in the floor. I lose interest and go to gather other workers for dinner. In a kitchen, a nervous young lady is pouring green Koolaid into cups. At the sight of me, she spills on the counter and floor. I can smell the artificial lime flavoring, as we wipe up the mess. There are some of the drink crystals on the sticky floor. I toss a paper towel into a trash can and disturb a tiny creature. This little beast is some cross between an insect, a lizard, and a fungus, and he turns out to be one of a colony of his sort. Three of the climb around in the trash in the can. They are colored a dusty greenish white, but their mottled features to their skin reminds me of birch bark. They stand on four flexible legs and stretch to no more than 3 inches in length. They watch us suspiciously as we bend closer for a view. When they feel threatened, they flair out tiny white manes to make themselves bigger. Each of the curved legs ends in a little white suction cup, which they use to scamper up to the rim as I move the can closer to the window. The legs are less than a sixteen of an inch in diameter, but more than half the length of the tubular body. The body is less than an eight of an inch in diameter. They look soft and easily broken. I borrow the young ladies cell phone to take pictures – something of a struggle at first. With the right background – some garbage and some day lit scenery out the window – and the right camera angle, they look like giant monsters in an abandoned industrial site. The leader of this group, perched on the lip of the can extends his mane to a full two inches across, but isolated in the viewfinder of the camera, I am overwhelmed by his display and step backwards.


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