Posted by: normanlgreen | August 31, 2011

dream, august 31, 2011 Two Rowhouse Fires

dream, home 6:40 am

Two fires. One is fought in a film, with the cast jaded and laughing at the fire victim’s loss.  The other is serious, with the fire fighters intent on saving the row house and those surrounding it. The fictional version is written by the victim of the real fire, though we see it first, only coming to inspiring fire after the other has been dealt with. His paranoid attitude comes from his business dealings. The fictional fire takes place on an overcast afternoon. The real, serious fire happens at night, with fresh snow on the ground. In the street in front of the fictional fire, Weibe, Lotni and I strike poses as if we were three of the row house across the street, frozen and uncaring — I stand a few degrees off of square — while the barrel-chested hose operator laughs at our parody. He watches us instead of the stream of water or the burning building.  At night, at the real fire, homeless people sleeping under rugs beneath the new fallen snow are stirred up by the commotion, so snowbanks break as they rise from their sleeping places on truck beds and sidewalks.  I watch from a window in the building adjacent to that which is burning.

Waking words: lightening sings


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