Posted by: normanlgreen | September 1, 2011

Dream, September 1, 2011 paint remover

Dream, home 5:50 am

In my hand I find a cleaning tool for removing dried paint. It is shaped like an electric hair clipper, filling the palm of the hand when it is held. The working end is angled at 33 degrees, also like the electric trimmer. When one draws the angled end across the surface that is to be cleaned, two substances are extruded. A clear gel, the solvent, comes out in line as thick as that from a toothpaste tube. With pressure from the tool, when it is drawn towards yourself, this gel is spread on the paint stained surface in a controlled smear. Closer to the chiseled tip of the handle, a thick brown mud is extruded. The mud is a drying and protective agent, dispensed in an area only slightly larger than the gel. The mud dries from a taffy brown to a chalky white. When the dried white flakes are removed, using the flip-side of the chiseled end, one follows-up with a polishing cloth, leaving a clean surface. As neither the gel nor the paste are water based, there should be no risk of penetration and warping. Tool comes configured to address either oil based or acrylic paint spills.

Now then, young go-getter: go and make your million dollars.


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