Posted by: normanlgreen | September 5, 2011

Dream, September 5, 2011 stolen red convertible

Dream, home 7:10 am

For some time, I have been paying off a fine set by the courts. Traveling on a coastal mountain road, on my way to make a payment, I see a red convertible parked in a shallow driveway. I know who the owner is – he is someone I know through the courts. He is inside an expensive house that hangs off the cliff-side and is committing a crime. I hate this guy, so take his car to leave him stranded and likelier to to be caught. Driving into town, police cars drive toward me. I become more agitated and less able to drive without making jerky movements. I am convinced that not only will I be stopped for bad driving, but for stealing the convertible and also changed with whatever crime the enemy has committed.

earworm: cold turkey


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