Posted by: normanlgreen | September 15, 2011

Dream, September 15, 2011

Dream, home 6:20 am – three hours sleep

One view of a rich burnt orange background. Color strong as a slap in a the face. In front of the field of color, the head and shoulders of a little man, so proper and still. He looks out at me with no expression, so  I wonder if he is someone else, or if he and the frame of orange is not simply a reflection, that I look into a mirror.

Echo from dream of September 11: in that dream, Gordon came up to Bellingham on a whim. On Tuesday afternoon of this week, he did have cause to drive up here from Seattle, though neither of us took in a formal therapy session, and he had the opportunity to bring a portion of his family.  Lisa rode with him on the big white plumbing truck – yet to be re-branded for the freight company.  Doubly strange — the dream did not get posted until today.  So it may as well look as though I invented this coincidence.


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