Posted by: normanlgreen | September 24, 2011

Dream, September 24, 2011 canoe at drift

Dream, home, 5:20 am

At the culmination of some upstream adventures, a young man decides to put his future to the risk of the currents. He lays himself down in a canoe, pulls his bowler hat over his eyes and falls asleep while drifting downstream. He wakes to find that it is raining on him in the night. The canoe has been swept into a slip in a little riverside marina. He is not upset by the rain – at least he is not where he was before.

He climbs from the boat and builds a small fire under the shade of an old tree, using tiny sticks. When the fire has burnt down to a bed nine inches wide, he wraps a bound manuscript in a flame retardant tea towel and sets the protected book upon the coals. His intention is to keep the manuscript dry. The towel does not burn, but the heat from the fire melts the plastic of the wide comb bind that has held his book together. He unwraps it and sees that the misshapen bind has warped the pages. Some of the paper is seared at the edges.


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