Posted by: normanlgreen | September 27, 2011

Dream, September 27, 2011 spider webs and instability

Home, 6:05 am

The behavior of a species of spider has led to an understanding of instability in the earth’s crust. A group of students published some data that got a team of geologists thinking in different terms – their conclusion: we are doomed.

I am invited to see the spiders in question. A gentleman brings out a screen mounted to a 2 x 2 frame. He points out that there are 40 male spiders sharing a web. The spiders maintain the web they have constructed across the frame, opposite the screen. The spiders are of a consistently small size, white, almost transparent. They work cooperatively, skittering about the web performing maintenance and harvesting their food.

“Why only the males here?” I ask, but no one answers.

I spot a different frame and see that it has egg sacks clinging to a less well maintained web and conclude that this must be where any females reside, though I see fewer spiders working the web.  While shifting my gaze from the one frame to the other, I see moving images of the Earth’s crust crumbling  to granules of sand which slip down the widening gaps.  This is what we are learning from the segregated spiders.


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