Posted by: normanlgreen | September 29, 2011

Dream, September 29, 2011 wedding preparations

Home, 6:20 am

Helping a family prepare for a wedding. They seem to be both the contracted organizers and a distant part of the family of the bride. Though people are arriving, there is still much left undone. I am given tasks that have already been completed, yet there are much disorder. I am frustrated by this, but am not in charge. The kitchen area is noisy with several generations vying for counter space to cut vegetables or stack dishes.

We all slip out the side door when the Eastern Orthodox priest arrives with the bride. They walk through an old European town, under an arched entry into a short, narrow passage between buildings. They turn to their left at the first corner, surrounded by hopping children and awestruck adults. They disappear around another corner where I sense there is a church.

Back in our work room, the father and eldest daughter show me a transparency that has been created to project upon the wedding party ā€“ an abstract view of a sunset with a thin cloud,represented by a single line, that bisects the orange circle. Having shown it to me, they ask me to recreate it, using a light-board and pieces of colored tissue paper. I paste something together in a hurry, but they have taken away my model, so I know it is only an approximation. I take it to the daughter, my actress friend, Alexzandra, who wants me to try again. I lose my patience and shout,ā€I have told you before, I have a finite amount of time on this planet. It is not good use of that time, pissing it away.ā€ Alex holds up her hands defensively, but smiles with patience and nods to show that she understood me the first time.

waking words: Friday, and it is hotly debated.


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