Posted by: normanlgreen | October 2, 2011

Dream, October 2, 2011 energy merchants and razors

Dream, home, 3:50 am

Involved with a high-rolling energy firm. We work in an office with twenty-foot ceilings and indirect blue lighting. Giant desks are set in open areas, but they are so far removed from each other, that there is privacy for each of the executives. I have an overwhelming list of tasks to get done – work my way through a written outline that runs to several pages. I cross them off as they are completed, either by me of by one of the people to whom I delegate. The list is divided into thirds.  I take satisfaction when the first third is completed.  I pause to jog the pages into neat stacks.

As energy brokers, a deep negotiation is being conducted with an electricity supplier – hydro-electricity. The man working our end of the negotiation is slippery and a lot of money must be moved around – a shell game. I find foul containers of spoiled food inside desk drawers and throw them out while an observer from the hydro company is not looking.

Taking a break for an afternoon spruce-up in the executive lounge, I notice our negotiator is shaving with a cheap disposable razor. I remind him that he is paid enough to afford something better – even someone to do it for him. He agrees that if he pulls-off this deal with the supplier, he will treat himself to a proper shave.

We leave the lounge to find that everyone has gathered to celebrate the success of the transaction. Black legal record binders fill the desks around which these execs toast one another. I feel disaster descending.


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