Posted by: normanlgreen | October 3, 2011

Dream, October 3, 2011 tv shutdown

Dream, home, 4:40 am

Preparing my house to leave it unattended for a weekend. The place is well-organized, as the chores are shared between myself and two other men. I take a last walk though the place to make sure that all of the electrical devices have been shut down.

In a room facing the street side of the house, there is a television set on a trunk in front of a window. The TV shows a blank screen, but I can see from a glowing switch on its front, that it is still powered. I press the switch, but it will not turn off. My housemates wait for me to leave, and there is some urgency to making our destination by a certain time – nightfall? I am convinced that the power situation has something to do with the cable feeding the signal to the set. This wire extends out the window that stands partially open behind the TV. My solution is to lower the set out of the ground floor window. The window will only open for six inches above the sill, having been constructed with that limit. Though the TV is not a flat screen, it is not a full-on bulky box as I own in the waking world. I struggle to fit the heavy set through the narrow opening, thinking: this would be a bad time for the police to drive up. I lodge the device into the thick azalea bush that grows in the bed outside of the window.  I know that I will be performing the same sort of task for an elderly couple on the other end of the journey I am about to commence.

A young woman waves her healthy head of hair — full of sunlight and satisfaction.  She is on the right track.


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