Posted by: normanlgreen | October 6, 2011

Dream, October 6, 2011 jumbles and temptations

Home, five wakings through the dark hours of the morning

waking words at various stages: Alamo; my soul- my soul; you’ve got this handled now; join us for a three-month tradition – the March going out of business sale – this October.

Sherwin offers to send me back to school – the temptation offered:  the University of Texas has opened a branch in Paris, France. I do not bite, thinking it is a trick to get me to Paris, Texas.

Upstairs urban apartment listening to a studio bootleg tape where Malcolm McLaren has brought Lou Reed to join the New York Dolls. They perform a version of Vicious that is utterly filthy. I wonder at the reaction my kids would have to the lyrics then leave by the central staircase.



  1. Hilarious. Love it!

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