Posted by: normanlgreen | October 7, 2011

Dream, October 7, 2011 redirection and details

Home, 3:57 am

Driving towards an airport and feeling rushed. My cell phone rings, and I have some trouble answering it. It rings again and my oldest son is on the line. I can tell that he wants help with something, but he does not want to be specific. Frustrated, I pull over at a wide spot on the highway through the forest. Yellow road-building equipment is parked in the same area, I consider switching my car for a monstrous road grader with a wide blade. Addicus does not want to tell me that I am needed at the shop, that a customer is being difficult. Though he does not want to say it, it is clear that the rest of the staff has asked him to call me back from my trip – I won’t kill the messenger if he is related to me. I tell him that they have to work it out.

Once at the airport, I have second thoughts about abandoning him to an aggravated customer, so call back to let them know that I will be returning to lend a hand.

Back at the shop, a gentleman has everyone redirected from their regular work so they call all assist him in a project involving scanning of maps.  He wants details that are nearly invisible on the original to be more clear at the next generation.  I explain how that is not possible and suggest that he contact the map company and purchase the electronic versions of each map.  He acts hesitant — something shady is going on.  I explain further that I am unwilling to duplicate copywrited material, and we must contact the publisher.  He leaves in a huff.


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