Posted by: normanlgreen | October 13, 2011

Dream, October 13, 2011 crossroads and slave labor

Dream, home, 6:08 am

Driving the last car in a short convoy of three cars. We pass with the flow of traffic down a semi-country lane. Ahead, the trees clear in a sunny crossroads, a small suburban development of four buildings, one for each corner. The traffic becomes congested. Before me, I see the lead car of our group which is driven by Leif.  He is the organizer of this expedition to the sea.

He and the two people riding with him get through the intersection and weave through the line of cars before them. The second car contains my father and old Charlie the bricklayer/inventor.  My passenger point to them as they take the right turn at the corner – Their impatience will take them up hill, up a dead-end road that peters out to a dirt path. Still, I don’t want to abandon them. I cannot tell if Leif is unaware that he has lost the rest of us, or is unable to turn back to re-collect us.

Through the intersection and to the right, on the Northeast corner (the sun is getting low on the left) stands a brick school from the 1930’s. I park to that side and walk through the paved school yard which has been hollowed from the hillside, a retaining wall to the south and west corner has concrete steps climbing to street access. I carry a bicycle and wonder if it is against school policy to carry it up the staircase or across the yard. The brickwork is well executed with diagonal patterns of diamond shapes worked into the structure. The side-walk has blocks of vertical texture to prevent slipping in wet weather. I realize that I am in Germany (voices of people I pass and kids playing in the yard) and given it’s age, the work of building the school may have been done by slave labor – I hope that is was a jobs program, but cannot be sure.


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