Posted by: normanlgreen | October 16, 2011

Dream, October 16, 2011– 1900 parson and decay

Dream 101209

A green valley in central California in the early 1900’s. Outside of a boarding house, in late summer at the golden hour, shadows are long and the light is warm without being oppressive. The residents of the boarding house are at leisure, enjoying coffee and conversations. They are dressed as the times dictated, wearing their nicest suits or long dresses as a courtesy to the others. One man and one woman are conspicuous in the lack of care or lack of means to dress-up their situations. His hair needs washing, and his coat is missing.  His vest is brown, and his shirt could be charitably described as off-white. His chin is stubbled. The woman, his wife, wears clothes that appear to have been adapted from his discards and are uniformly brown from the formless felt hat on down. He appears to have been drinking, but in fact is near the end of a dose of heroin. He speaks in preacherly terms and tones, raising his voice so that everyone knows of his intention to visit “Brother Jones”. He refers to his wife as “Sister”. He kneels on the path to the door to pet his dog goodbye. The dog does its best to wash him up, lapping at something in his hair. The man smiles drunkenly, but doesn’t seem to be able to rise. The shabbily dressed woman breaks from a conversation and comes to gather him to his feet and adjust his clothing. She is frustrated, but resigned and turns from him once he is headed away from the house. Another woman whose appearance is heading toward a similar decay crosses to him and whispers something in a manner most familiar. He smiles and does not notice or care that his wife stares daggers at him in the lowering light. The other guests pretend not to notice.

The wife goes down to the lake to retire a motor launch for the night. As part of this process, two men open a boathouse for her. They are supposed to help her remove trash from a hatch near the propeller at the stern of the boat. Out of laziness, and accustomed to relaxed standards, they do not help and quickly disappear before they are asked to perform the nasty task. She uses a long gaff to fish garbage in various states of decay from the hold. There is not much of it, but what is there is foul from neglect. A slimy coil of rope is amongst the first items to come out.


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