Posted by: normanlgreen | October 22, 2011

Dream, October 22, 2011 male energy

Dream, Bergenjheim, 5:15 am

John D. is organizing a sports-centered social event. A few days in advance, he has invited me over to give me my assignments. There are so many men in his house that John has had to add rooms to accommodate them – and this is just the preparation stage. When the big day comes, there will be an exponential population growth. John knows that I have no interest in the sports angle, but he did not want to leave me out. With all of the men working on their various tasks, the house has become a battery of male energy – just waiting to discharge. The light is natural, fed through large windows and ceiling tubes. The walls are trimmed in wide planks of dark stained wood.

My duty is to print out a collection of digital photos, two to a page, but John wants them to be shuffled and printed, then reshuffled and printed again to see what strange combinations end-up together. I develop a means of haphazardly renaming the files so that when they are sorted in an alpha numeric manner, any planned sequence will be discarded.


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