Posted by: normanlgreen | October 23, 2011

Dream (2nd) October 23, 2011, border cross and school again

Nap dream: Crossing an international border, either through a rail station or through an airport – this is unclear. The woman I travel with needs to see a list of what is NOT allowed to be carried from one country to another. As I do not have such a list, I hop a turn-stile and collected a single printed sheet from a glass-fronted booth. Only after I am headed back to my companion do I consider the folly of this move. There are no repercussions. I wonder what she can now do about what she is already carrying.


I am to teach an acting workshop and perform a scene with a lot of tension which must build very quickly. I sit on a chair as others deliver their lines, I grab the sides of my chair and squeeze until I have built up a lot of energy, then let it loose on the other actors. The director of the workshop then explains what he observed, referring to the tension-building technique by a particular name.

Finished with this portion, I wander back stage and realize that this is the theatre of the old Spring High North campus (2nd dream set in that structure within 12 hours). Though the walls have been shifted around in the recent renovation, I am able to find my way to the red steel ladder that leads to the loft above stage left. I remember the time I held hands with Cheryl  but dared go no further despite her broad hints that she had kissed another boy in that same loft.


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