Posted by: normanlgreen | October 27, 2011

Dream,October 27, 2011 firecracker chicken

Dream,home, 2:05 am

Stuck in the car at a foggy corner.  Firecrackers dangled from a stick by a pedestrian. He hangs them in clusters of six of the bombs, lights the fuse and then waits until they burn free from his pole. At first he lets them loose beside our car, then over the hood , at the last moment he lets them drop into the little trough that is the resting place of the windshield wipers. This group explodes right in front of Sherwin’s face, as she is in the driver’s seat. After that, the exchange heats up between the bomber and me. I point out that each time the firecrackers get larger and more dangerous – at this point, they are quarter sticks of dynamite. He waves this new bundle by my window, taunting me. I move to the back seat of the car. He thrusts them through the open window and toward my face. I actually grab them (now full size dynamite) as the fuses burn. Bad game of chicken outside a hotel.


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