Posted by: normanlgreen | October 30, 2011

Dream, October 30, 2011 van crash and cut vegetables

Dream, home, 7:38 am

Near sundown, I drive a beat up van through a neighborhood of upper middle-class houses. My passengers are to be taken to their home where they will collect a pair of cars, so we can abandon the van.

In front of their family home, our destination, the van’s engine dies. A flatbed truck has followed us up the street. Now that we have stopped, the impatient truck driver honks. Before I have time to do anything, he rams against our back bumper and pushes us spinning our vehicle off to the road side. I get out and examine our van, which has crush marks on all of its toothpaste green panels — scratches of paint colors from various cars that have collided with us. I am not surprised, so must have had recollection of many previous crashes.

Two of the three passengers are brothers. They examine their cars which are parked on the opposite (North) side of the street. These cars actually belong to their wealthy father. The younger brother leans into a well-preserved, purple, convertible two-seater from the early 1970’s. The older brother has started the engine of a riding mower. This machine is huge to handle the oversized lawns of the neighborhood. Its one drawback is its insatiable hunger for grass – while it is running it must be cutting through overgrown grass or it goes out of control. Having chewed its way through one lawn on the Northeast corner, the operator hurries to position it on the Southeast corner. The older brother calls for help from the younger. The younger brother whines that he wants nothing to do with it. I walk over and see that it is controlled with high arching handle bars that may have been salvaged from a chopper bike from the 60’s. I wonder if leaning on the bars will lift the cutting blades to a more controlled height.

Sherwin has set up a table where she cuts fruits and vegetables in preparation for a meal to be cooked at a later time. She zips the cut pieces into plastic bags.


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