Posted by: normanlgreen | November 1, 2011

Dream, November 1, 2011 payphone payout

Dream. Home, 5:25 am

In the lobby of a highrise apartment building, I squat before a payphone that has been mounted on the wall. The builders hung the phone only 6 inches from the floor. It may have been intended for children. I drop my dime into the slot and hear a message that the phone is out of order for being too full of money. My coin does not return, but I run my hands around the outside of the machine and discover that there are some dollar bills clogging a slot on the underside. I take the wad of bills by its two bottom corners and pull downward. The first group releases. I pull down some more dollars and various coins also drop from the machine. A pile grows on the floor.

The light in this lobby is blue gray as are the stone veneered walls. Glass doors to the bright outside are to my right. A group of children round the corner just to my left. I hear the three of them talking over each other, but they fall silent as they see me at work on the phone. I wonder if the phone will work now. I wonder if using one of the coins that has fallen to the floor would be stealing. I ask the children, “where should I return the money?” The oldest girl answers, “Zanichek.” the other two agree with her. We all look at the money still dropping from the payphone. I suppose the Zanichek is the superintendent of the building.

Later, I watch as Neal Young, or someone very much like him, composes as song. As he improvises, he looks at an old coca-cola ad in a yellowed slick magazine. He takes his inspiration for the strange voicings on his guitar neck from the shapes he spots in the ad – the swoop of the red or the spacing in the short paragraph of text.

I overhear someone in the next room offering medical advice. The second person responds, “you should take up skiing.” “Why?” asks the one who gave the unsolicited opinion. “As a doctor you would be most useful if you were absent.”


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