Posted by: normanlgreen | November 4, 2011

Dream, November 4, 2011 & ’10 dream slaw

Home, 6:39 am

dreams are a coleslaw– everything shredded and impossible to separate.

Earworm: walk on by.

from ’10:  Furiously cleaning my family’s house as there are many guests about to arrive. The old long couch with the loose cushion has had a stained pair of brown corduroy cushions to replace the long slick blue one. I try turning the cushions to hide nasty stains, but this has already been done – there is no hope of disguising their nature. Popcorn and candy wrappers are so plentiful on the floor that my hands fill long before I can clear enough away to make a difference.

The front lawn is overgrown, and I realize it is because the lawn people have never been paid, so they have stopped coming. Why are we having guests? I think that I will direct them to the house by describing it as the one that looks most neglected.


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