Posted by: normanlgreen | November 5, 2011

Dream, Novmeber 5, 2011 occupy norman, occupy ranch

Dream, home, 8:02 am

A ranch has been abandoned for years with the stables and cattle chutes, fences and storage buildings, all weathering to ruins. A group of young people, some with little children have come to squat on the property, to revitalize it, and to turn it into their own community.

The police are displeased with this notion. They have chased this group away repeatedly, but as soon as the presence of the law goes back to their other duties, the people return. Each time the police arrive, the place is in better condition, until they find that there is a completely secure fence and tall gate in place. The wall has been made with short lengths that connect existing structure, the rusted steel of the cattle chutes, a repaired barn, old steel bed springs, etc. The young people do not speak, but quietly hold their ground. The officials withdraw without evicting the squatters.

A big bear of a man in his late twenties gives a forceful presence – he stands guard in the night while a bonfire burns in celebration in a clear space in the compound. Into an indigo sky, the sparks fly up from the fire to join the stars – some remain in place as new orange constellations. Yellow lipped flames burn after images onto my retina, and I must turn away before I am blinded. The shadow of the bear walks the perimeter – he is the first to have a name: Ludivic. So commences law and defined space for the community.

Earlier, an old friend has died. My brother and I walk through neighborhoods as we discuss this in the growing twilight. We round a corner onto our old street in Houston, the old light playing from the street lamp that stands to the west of our concrete driveway. Between our house and the next, an orange sports car is parked. I sense that it is occupied.

We hear the voice of the father of our dead friend. He calls me over. Walking up to the car, it shrinks in size until it is less than two feet long. The father’s voice speaks from it, though he never emerges. I am intimidated by the big voice and the tiny car with its darkened windows. My brother disappears as the father asks my permission to displace my soul from my body that he might occupy it long enough to bring his daughter back to life. Though he asks, I know that he will do what he needs to do, no matter how I answer. I tell him: “as I love your daughter, I will let you do this thing.”

I realize that he has moved from body to body for centuries, that he will teach his daughter the secrets and traps of immortality, and that while I am displaced I will also have access to arcane information – though I have not desire to live forever. I will absorb his memories and keep them in a part of myself that is discreetly him.


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