Posted by: normanlgreen | November 10, 2011

Dream, November 10, 2011 a pair of printer’s dreams

Dream, home, 5:55 am

An old gentleman has completed his memoir and would like some help preparing it for print. We work together on the cover.  He has brought a photograph, a snapshot of his friends from his time overseas, at war. Five lean figures stare at the camera. We take the image and blur it, until we can make out none of the features, as though we were looking through frosted glass. Near the bottom corner, the author adds two lines of script in spidery handwriting, using a fine-point pen with bright red ink.

Thirty-nine children across the world work together on a project. Each child has chosen a few pages from the holy book of his or her tradition. We are to print up each child’s selection on pages eight and one half inches high by five and one half inches wide. We shrink wrap thirty-nine sets of each child’s selection. The pages will be sent to each of the participants. They can bind the pages in any order that they would choose – keeping passages complete and discreet, or mixing them by design or accident. With these thirty-nine books, they will subtly alter their perception of the beliefs of others and so change the world.


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