Posted by: normanlgreen | November 14, 2011

Dream, November 14, 2011 dead, gravity, nasty kitchen

Dream , home 6:20 am


Grateful Dead concert at the Sushia House in Bellingham, which has become muddled with the DMZ of Little Rock. Poorly attended. Never gets off the ground. Feedback introduction never congeals into an actual song – the band abandons the stage area of the floor.

Wander through the streets in the dark morning hours carrying two old down comforters. Gravity is particularly strong, and all of the street lights are out. I fear I will be arrested crawling down the broken sidewalk. My own weight it too much to hold upright.

Meet up with Rosemary. She wants to help but, I am unspecific. Want to go home to clean up, but never ask outright. My shop is next to a pizza kitchen. A young man has broken into my space and has taken over all of the counters and used my old ovens to prepare dough for the pizza place. There is a sheet metal transom cover bend and battered over the back door. Rosemary leaves, having family obligations. I don’t get home to take my shower and cannot get through to the rear of the building.

Ray comes in through the back giving advice to the break-in kid.

I find sloppy patties of mysterious ingredients fallen onto the fatigue mat on the floor. Pick up the jaundiced fatty stuff and return it to a cookie sheet on a counter. Smaller patties of green and white wait to be combined with the yellow ones. Turn around to see that these ingredients are being mashed by a machine – they come to resemble hamburger patties – but it is a sham. Turn again to see though on opening between a counter and a vent-a-hood, Ray is mad at me– purple in the face. I may have left him at the concert that did not happen.


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