Posted by: normanlgreen | November 15, 2011

Dream, November 15, 2011 elevator treehouse, scout ceremonies

Dream , home 7:06 am

Architect Tim’s cabin in the woods with his daughter. They demonstrate simple living skills. Outside the window, a stag runs up a ridge dislodging pine needles and other detritus. This marks his trail.

The team of men from across the ridge chase the deer on foot.

I follow them and find these men have engineered an incredible tree house. Three platforms are suspended by stout ropes. Passing through round holes in each platform is a stabilizing pillar made from a tree that has been skinned of its bark and smoothed to a slippery surface. By use of this pillar and the ropes, each platform acts as an independent elevator. The men are testing the lifts in various positions in relation to each other. The floor of each platform is pained a different color – sky blue, sun yellow and blood red.

Below the hill on which I observe the experiment, a scout troop is performing advancement ceremonies. Cub scouts play a serious game while squatting around their playing pieces, lit only by candle light.


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