Posted by: normanlgreen | November 17, 2011

Dream, November 17, 2011 #100 backseat driving

Dram home 7 ; 30 am.

Fell back asleep for a short dream that involved  misplacing the originals for a job –drive the white Subaru to a neighborhood with tree-lined streets, something like Little Rock north of the university.

Many people show up to a daycare at the same time. Too crowded to get anyone’s attention to ask for the run master for their book. Walk out the front with a woman who clearly dislikes me. Pass a sculpture on a table on the front porch – an armadillo assembled of recycled bits. At the drive way, the white Subaru is missing. The woman drives a stripped down version with the middle missing – not just shortened, but with an empty space between the front seat and the rear bumper.  What holds the two halves  in proximity to each other is a mystery.  I decide to walk away from her and her odd car.

Around the street corner, I tell myself to dream myself into the car rather than waste time looking for it.  The car materializes in motion, rolling uphill, while I land in the back seat, on the passenger side.  Since I know it is a dream car, I take pleasure knowing that I can drive it by twisting the passenger headrest. It seems to work, but I reconsider. What if this is not a dream? So I try to crawl over into the front seat I get stuck halfway over.  Hope the car will drift to a stop as it approaches a traffic light at an arterial street.


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