Posted by: normanlgreen | November 18, 2011

Dream, November 18, 2011 stairs and boxes

Dream, home, 7:00 am

Running up the interior stairs of a late Victorian house. Each of the four floors are 12 foot tall, so there is a landing half way between stories. At each land there is a divergence, but the I can see how each step is nailed to the risers. At each turn I opt for the stairs where the nails fall in the center of each step.

At last I turn to the right and another immediate right that leads me to a sunny room at the very top of the house – there is no attic beyond this. A young man – a friend who has summoned me here – waits smiling in the blue and cream colored room. I expect to be winded from the climb, but am perfectly fit and able to speak.

Later, I hear Scott through a telephone – his voice is strangely flat as he tell me that I am to take a box of clothes that has been in storage for years. I wonder at the condition they might be in. Have flood waters seeped in through the bottom?


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