Posted by: normanlgreen | November 21, 2011

Dream, November 21, 2011 cast and rat

Dream home 6:05 am

The boy with the white wrist cast bangs his fist thrust upward into the ceiling of his father’s truck. Glass balanced on the roof jingles and settles. I worry for his fingers, that he will re-injure through what he sees as the protective coating of plaster and cotton. Outside his covered window, the father hears something he takes for a signal that it is our turn to empty the bed of his truck into the recycle bins.

We stand on the top of the truck bed walls and pull out wood and cardboard and heave the pieces into the bins, which are situated to the left of the driver’s side. Somehow the aluminum and the glass come away until slowly the non-recyclable garbage settles to the bottom of the double-deep truck bed. Amidst the trash, I see a dead rat – a young adult with a long bare tail, still flexible so recently killed. I am careful not to step down into the garbage.


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