Posted by: normanlgreen | November 22, 2011

Dream, November 22, 2011 bullet in the chamber

Dream, home, 5:32 am

Greg — an upperclassman from school days, and an inspiration toward seeking one’s goals – has invited me to perform music with him in a small restaurant. There is no defined space for the musicians, so he plays organ and piano on one side of a pony wall, while I play guitar on the other. There are tables for diners on both sides of the divide, but the very few in attendance are to be found on Greg’s side. We do melodic pieces and sing harmony – all safe material. He whispers over the wall that we should ratchet it up a bit. He calls out some chord changes for an uptempo soul number, which he sings. After that, I try to get my guitar to distort a little and launch into a hammer chord version of “My Way” in the manner of Sid Vicious. This goes nowhere, but Greg gets the reference.

At the sounding of gunshots, I am transported to the third floor of the building, where I become an unseen observer of a violence driven affair.

In an alcove only large enough to accommodate a mattress, a woman and man in their early thirties point hand guns at each other. She wears a night shirt, while he is bare chested , wearing pajama bottoms. Both articles of clothing are the same pale green-blue. Each takes turns firing their gun at the other. Seemingly these pistols are loaded with blanks, but the noise and the vision of this twisted tryst has driven their adrenaline sky-high.

She is tearful and giddy, but wants to stop. He is aggressive and angry and keeps the ugly game going. He sits back against the wall to the left, extending his chest towards her. She kneels and aims, firing point-blank at his heart. The report is deafening. Both look shocked as slow, thick blood starts to pour from the center of his chest. She pulls a large blue lid from a plastic storage box and holds it at his navel to catch the flow of blood.


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