Posted by: normanlgreen | November 30, 2011

Dream, November 30, 2011 an arguement of architects

Dream, Home, 5:02 am

I am the lead architect in a mid-sized firm. I have a staff working through the night to complete a large project that nears deadline. The space we work in reminds me of a jr. high school in Lodi, CA. There is a large squarish space with a high ceiling, putting me in mind of the cafeteria, and this is joined to a short hall with four smaller rooms – these would be correspondent to the class rooms where 16mm projectors were set-up to show short films to occupy the kids while the parents socialized at spaghetti dinner nights.

Working through the night, I circulate between the different drafting areas, where the different features of the project are being fine-tuned. I lean over drawings to comment, compliment and correct. One woman, dark and pretty, works on the landscape architecture, with its curving lines of gardens contrasting to the 90 degree angles and straight lines of the building proper.  This woman is not feeling well, tired and perhaps sick. She wants to wrap her stuff up so she can go home. I wet stamp the top left corner of her drawing, let that ink dry, then sign off on her work. She leaves.

Further back in the great room, two men work on a cluttered round table.  They have an FM Radio playing White Rabbit.  As it is late in the process and everything is a little fluid, I pick up a stack of legal length paper and demonstrate how it can be played as a bass, releasing a greater length for lower tones and clamping down on the paper to limit the “string” length to create a higher tone.

I leave the main room for the break rooms down the hall.  Behind the second door,  a bed has been set-up for restorative naps.  Seated there, the woman for whom we are performing the work is furious with me for having let the landscape architect go home, that I was too easy on her.



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