Posted by: normanlgreen | December 5, 2011

Dream, December 5, 2011schedule conflicts and the electric saddle

Dream, Home, 5;10 am

Adonica comes into an office where I work. She has arranged a holiday trip for a small groups. We are to live as the guests of a first nations band. She had mentioned it before, but I failed to note the dates of the trip. When I compare this to an electronic calendar, (we are to leave on the 8th) I see that it just misses conflicting with a business trip that I had arranged. I fear that this is going to keep me away from the office for too long, but do not say anything to upset her.

First I must take part in a film shoot for a television series. I find myself hiking a coastal trail with an actress who reminds me of Maggie Smith. Our trail is composed of yellow clay, with small broken bits of the same making for a slipping hazard. We stand at the top of a high cliff, with the trail falling at twenty degrees to our South. We find that we cannot check our speed as we descend, so run full-out with rocks spinning away beside us. We laugh at the bottom of the hill to discover that we left our packs back at the top. To collect our stuff, I cut across the un-tracked hillside rather than dare the trail again.

Back at the bottom, we and the crew gather at an old coastal manor for the main purpose of the documentary series. While standing in the courtyard, we are shown the invention which she and I are to test over the course of a week. A team has developed a two person saddle with electrodes built into it. While a man and woman share the saddle, seated very close to each other, a sequence of pulses are fed into the electrodes. The theory is that this will inspire outrageous sexual desire for each other. When Maggie and I nestle in the device, we discover that instead, the effect is of great intimacy and empathy, rather than ravenous appetite. I suspect the producers of the series will be disappointed.


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