Posted by: normanlgreen | December 10, 2011

Dream, December 10, 2011 where to put it

Dream, Home, 8 am

Three business man are to visit my shop from out of town. Part of their reason for coming is to assist me in putting some materials into temporary storage. Later we will remove the boxes to a brand new building, which will not be ready to occupy for some months.

I make reservations for a lunch meeting at an overpriced restaurant adjacent to the storage facility. The visitors have instructions to join me at the restaurant, as I have gone in advance to check it out.

The restauranteurs have converted a blockish two-story house from 1900, adding ramps that rise to a porch that circles the ground floor of the old home. I wish to confirm our reservation, so enter through a wide entry hall. To the right, there is a dark staircase leading up to a private club. To the left and leading off the hall, former parlors provide space for long tables surrounded by high backed chairs, each of them filled with diners. All the colors are in warm tones of gold, brown and red. There is a hum from the clientele, and wait staff spin through the old halls with platters held above their shoulders.

I locate the woman who established the place.  As she leaves the steamy kitchen, I ask her about our reservation. She knows nothing about us coming, but keeps her good attitude while she figures where she will be able to shoe-horn four more guests.

In the parking lot, I wait for the three visitors. The restaurant is located strangely for its price range. It had been an old homestead, but the farm has been subdivided for various uses: the claptrap storage facility, a machine shop, a strip club with tacky signage and the restaurant all share a parking area that looks like it may have been part of an old drive-in.

Eventually the visitors arrive. They have already been to my my shop where they collected a load of boxes intended for storage. I riffle through one of the open boxes and find that they have taken out some of the bulkier items and replaced them with photo copies, so instead of storing a mini fridge, there is a proxy print to represent it. I wonder where the real item is to wait in the interim.





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    • thank you for taking the time to read it. I will consider your kind offer.

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