Posted by: normanlgreen | December 11, 2011

Dream, December 11, 2011 joinery, slap shoes, celebrity murder

Dream, home, 9 15 am

A large group has gathered, from across the country, into an old house for a conference, the theme of which is unclear to me. Single adults and whole families are sharing living space.

A crowd, including most of the children, have gone for an extensive hike through the town. While they are away, I am given several assignments, for which I have little enthusiasm. Together with a friend, we are to assemble a drop leaf table from a kit. The box does not have all of the required pieces, so the woman I work with has gathered substitute supplies. Because she is so clever and handy, she is taken away from the table project and put onto another task. This leaves me ill prepared, so I abandon the table unfinished.

The hikers return through a side door in the room where I work. Each of them removes her or his shoes and passes them across a counter into the kitchen. My friend Garine has been a stabilizing influence on the confusion of the hiking group. They had to accommodate the changing speeds of a celebrity hiker for whom the trek was arranged. He comes in wearing an odd costume of red and white stripes and close-fitting stocking cap. Instead of shoes, he has worn special gripping socks. These are of triple thickness with half-centimeter knobs of rubber molded into the soles. For purposes of timing, he had to leave the house in advance of the rest of the group. After they caught up with him, he increased his speed, so the smallest children were hard pressed to keep up. At the half-way point, he had passed the peak of his speed arc and started slowing down. By the end of the hike they had all slowed to a laborious trudge – still their celebrity brought up the rear.

Garine had time on the outing to dip into a clown supply shop and to purchase slap shoes – bulb-toed, cherry red shoes that extend a six inches beyond her own feet. She models them with a self-mocking pride. We agree that they are the wrong shape for a Mini Mouse costume, but they will surely come in handy. Garine has taken several of the children under her charge, so she leave to get them all cleaned up for supper.

Since I have abandoned the table construction, I move over to my other assignment: pasting-up the community newsletter. The celebrity hiker has brought more materials to collate into the other articles, so he hovers over me as I sift my way through an unstable stack of printed sheets. I start to see a shape to the pagination, so begin my arrangement. I step away from the work for a moment then return to discover that my helper with the knobby socks has reversed the sequence of pages. Little slips of paper have fallen out-of-place and he has pushed them to the side.

I wonder if anyone will be upset if I murder him.



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