Posted by: normanlgreen | December 16, 2011

Dream, December 16, 2011 sing-a-long & full-house

Dream, home, 5:18 am

Family members are late in arriving for a visit to a little cottage that Sherwin and I live in. The place is sunny with all of its windows facing south. It is only 12 feet deep and 30 wide, so there is concern where we are to billet three guests.

As there is waiting time, we watch an old black and white TV set on which are shown kinescopes (films shot of the studio monitors in the days of live television broadcasts) The toothy host introduces a woman, a songwriter who is seated at a piano beside the orchestra. She smiles a waggles her bleached hairdo as she invites the audience to sing along. With the opening chord she sings “Spinach”(2, 3 4, two 2, 3, 4).”Spinach” (2, 3 4, two 2, 3, 4).  The 12-bar 1-4-5 structure is the same as the theme song to the Batman TV series, so when she reaches the last three chords, the camera cuts of a skinny old man in a straw cowboy hat who, alone in the audience, has joined-in croaking “Spinach – spinach – spinach” The song abruptly ends to thunderous applause. Again, we see the smarmy announcer.

“Marion,” he says, “we have found three bass singers who would each like to perform a duet with you.”

The camera cuts to a younger woman seated directly on the stage. The announcer holds a microphone to her mouth as she hits a few low notes with strong glottal stops. The camera shifts to a dark-haired woman with glasses, also seated on the stage. She sings a smooth walking bass line. Again, the camera moves down the line to a horse-faced woman, the announcer puts the microphone to her throat as she sings in huge intervals – some two and a half octaves in a leap – amazing accuracy in her intonation and wildly risky before the wonderbread audience.

I hear a car pull up outside of the house and look out into the blindingly light day. Stephen has stepped out of the driver’s seat, Linda from the passenger side and Adonica from the back seat. I watch as my father pulls up, parking at a diagonal and a car length further from the front door. He gets out and looks across to the other three. He says nothing, but clearly this has taken him by surprise.

I ask Sherwin, “Did you warn Dad that it would be complicated?”

She shakes her head. She had no more idea that I had that we would be housing so many.


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