Posted by: normanlgreen | December 17, 2011

Dream, December 17, 2011 handicaps?

Dream, Home 6:02 am

Danny arrives for a visit to Houston. Keaton, Sherwin and I meet him at a bus stop in the city. He has had to travel light, so has left his motorized chair at home. He regained some of his mobility and is able to get around, when assisted, using crutches. I lift him off of the bus, but the vehicle is not ADA compliant, with narrow aisles and one exit at the front like an old school bus. We get ourselves arranged on the curb while the bus departs.

Danny manages to get himself across the street, using his arms to propel himself. I am impressed. Keaton and I run after him, but Sherwin takes off in another direction to complete an errand. The more he moves, the more agility he regains. Before I know it he has gone up the ramp into a bar – Keaton is under-age and cannot follow, so we wait outside the hallway, which has been painted black. Keaton spots some friend on a bench built into the medium of a moderately busy intersection of five streets.

The three boys sit on the bench with their backs to oncoming traffic, which must take sharp turns to avoid hitting them. They talk, oblivious to the danger. I convince them to cross the street to the building where Danny disappeared. Next to the entrance to the bar is an old movie house. Addicus meets us at the door and invites us inside, to see the ruins of one of the three cinemas – closed due to a lack of business. We climb across some rows of seats that have been removed from an upstairs auditorium, then climb the dusty stairs themselves. Clearly, no one has climbed this stairway in years. The red carpeting and wallpaper are bleached to an uninviting orange. Once upstairs we are given the task of bolstering one wall which is about to be rammed by a steam locomotive that has been stolen by two women. I switch to the point of view of the women. They feed more coal into the firebox, and as the engine has been running without tracks, we find a place where we can safely jump back onto the rails.


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