Posted by: normanlgreen | December 20, 2011

Dream, December 20, 2011 pamphleteers & corpse attendance

Dream, home, 2:50 am

I have gathered at an abandoned school with a group of political dissidents of various stripe It is the 1850, and I am a retired printer of political pamphlets. There is an opening in the north wall, at floor level. I understand that there is some machinery in the next room.

As the various factions cluster around their pet issues, the machinery has fallen silent. The function of the equipment in the next room is to print pamphlets. In a small catch box, there is a mixed sample of what had been produced on the machine. Some of them concern opening water rights to the public. This topic seems to be the driving debate in the room. I have no dog in that fight, so have only an academic interest in the disagreement. At last a small group leaves the main room and takes over the equipment in the next room. Stiff folded pamphlets begin to pour into the catch tray. I am delighted, not by the content of the printed pieces, but for the fact that one of my inventions is being put to use.

In another part in the old school, a woman has died and has been lain upon a bed to wait for her burial. I see the room where she, the mother of one of the dissidents, has been covered by a sheet. I close the door on her then cross the hall to sit by another such bed. I am to play the part of the attending mourner as part of a plot to confuse the authorities when they raid the building. Beneath the sheets in this room, it is not the corpse of the departed, but something that must be kept hidden.


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