Posted by: normanlgreen | December 21, 2011

Dream, December 21, 2011 fighting myself in aged state

Dream, home, 12:38 am

In an apartment at dusk, with a group of five or six people. I attempt to convince them that if we stay, we will be invaded and killed, perhaps eaten.

Only Sherwin of the group feels it is safer to flee than to stay put. We hear the noise of someone in the next room. She and I grab floor lamps to defend ourselves. Through the door the next room is really just a slightly wide hall stuffed with furniture.

On the far side of a dining room table and chairs set, stands a bald man in his early seventies. He has my exact build and looks in our direction without making eye contact. He is armed with some heavy object and clearly intends to kill us. I step up to him. It was my intention to strike him with the bulb and harp end of the lamp, but instead I swing it around and hit him in the forehead with the base. He is shocked but not fallen. I tell myself I must not be afraid to hit him with my full force. The old man calls out to his wife. “Get them.”

I see her white curly wig pop out from between the chair legs at my feet. She is intent on dragging me down, but her position – all fours – keeps her at a disadvantage. I hope that Sherwin will intercept her while I take out the old man.


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