Posted by: normanlgreen | December 22, 2011

Dream, December 22, 2011 three needs intersect

Dream, home, 5:22 am

A very quiet but tender love relationship with a woman I can almost recognize. My vision failing, everything fogged.

She and I hold each other in a close, warm embrace, from which either of us could move away, though neither does. Our voices speak in almost heard tones, using language below words.

The animal force of male lust approaches from behind her, I see him close in on us as my head cradles on her shoulder. He knows nothing but himself, his own nature, and what he needs to continue. He takes her from my arms. She leaves with some regret, yet not enough to resist his force. They kiss passionately as they stand beside a pool of blue water.

I see them from increasingly further vantage points, my loss undimmed by the thickening fog.


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