Posted by: normanlgreen | December 24, 2011

Dream, December 24, 2011 underground tour, the boiler, and gravity

Dream, Home, 6:00 am

In Bellingham, someone has started an underground tour modeled on that of Seattle. Tourists and a few locals are marched through some of the oldest basements of semi abandoned buildings. They hear of the seedier aspects of local history and see dust collect on abandoned relics while stepping over puddles of rain seepage – or worse.

Dr. Smith has asked me to revise some forms for a non-profit clinic to which he is attached. Before I can perform that work, I must drive to the south side of town to deliver to the people who give the underground tours. I try to find the guides by climbing down into a few of the basements on their route, but am unable to catch up with the group. I fail to make the delivery, but a woman reminds me that she has on old boiler for sale in which I have shown some interest.

On the drive back to my shop, I pass a lawn, deep and wide, on which people frequently display large items for sale. I spot the boiler, which has been set up on the other side of the sidewalk. The day is cloudy, so its bright polished aluminum stands out against the kelly-green lawn and the dull sky. It is the size and shape of the Tik-Tok character from the OZ books, a four foot sphere balanced on three spherical feet. I cannot recall what project I have in mind for the boiler, but I want it badly.

Back downtown, my shop has been moved onto the second floor of a private home. As I approach the staircase, gravity increases, and I slump forward as I move a small aluminum camping pot, one step at a time. Two young women pass me as they descend – they seem to have no problem holding themselves upright, while I am slowed to a near standstill. Only my bull-headedness keeps me moving the little pot up to the second floor. At the top of the stairs the floor levels, to I can nudge the pot along to my room on the south end of the building. I travel down the hall on my knees, my vision tightly focused on the little pot.

Once inside my own space, the over bearing gravity abates and I can stand up. Dr. Smith enters from the hall and asks after one of the forms which he has just asked me to revise. I turn my attention to a little laptop computer set-up in an alcove on a bathroom vanity.



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