Posted by: normanlgreen | December 27, 2011

Dream, December 27, 2011 ethnic make-up & mobius strips

Dream, home 6:15 am

Operating a machine shaped much like the saddle-stitcher, but the function of this tool is to turn out Möbius Strips. Making little adjustments, as the staple does not line-up correctly.

End up at Eric’s house. He auditions for a role before a female director. so that she can judge his chest hair, he removes his shirt. I praise him for having kept so fit. I give him a big hug.

Backstage at an evening of skits. A group of white actors are to go on stage as African bushmen. I convince one young man to let me color his face with a magic marker. Half way through this sloppy make-up job, the director announces that it is not necessary to appear in black-face. Time passes with other backstage stuff as the show proceeds. The director returns to say she has changed her mind, that the black-face will be worn tonight. I see the actor I had blackened with a marker. He has scrubbed most of the stain away from the left side of his face – still streaky. I come to him again with the marker, starting with the half of the face which I had not previously colored.


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