Posted by: normanlgreen | January 6, 2012

Dream, January 6, 2012 jealousy

Dream, home, 5:20 am

Living in a city that is a cross between Houston and Waco, TX.  Sherwin and I have a two-story 70’s construction home, with my father sharing the place with us.

We are to have a visitor, a man with whom I went to high School. I learn that Sherwin also knew him in college. She has a lot of energy for the preparation of his visit, where I feel mistrust. I leave the house on an errand, and when I return, he has arrived. My wife and the guest talk with each other with great excitement. My father sits quietly off to one side. The guest – whose name I cannot recall – recounts his visits to various weddings, funerals and reunions where he encountered people who both he and Sherwin knew in school. Sherwin then tells of the events between the events that he attended. They have just missed each other by attending alternate events.  Finishing one of his tales he says: “I was so mad at the guy that I took him for four thousand dollars at the pool table.”  He flexes his chest muscles, which galls me no end. I feel left out of the conversation. This discomfort turns to open jealousy as they prepare to go out for the evening without me.  I push my way up to him as though I have just entered the room, instead of having been ignored for several minute.

“John!” I say thrusting my hand towards his,”I mean, Steve — How are you?”

He looks baffled, so I push it further, deciding to ask after his sister.

“How is — sorry, but has been about three hundred years — is it Diana?”

“Yes,” he answers, lowering his eyes, “We lost touch — in fact I came through town a few years back looking for her.”

I feel bad for my  having lost touch with his sister, but feel she is lucky to have slipped away from her brother.



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