Posted by: normanlgreen | January 9, 2012

Dream, January 9, 2012 deep aquifer & the blessed virgin

Dream, home, 5:30 am

Underground there is a chain of caves. Each cave is defined from the next by a low wall, short enough for me to step over. As I travel further into this maze, I lose my sense of direction. The lighting source for each section differs in quality – some feel as though lit by torches, while others have hidden electric lights. In the deep portions of the trip, the floors are flooded with fresh water. The short defining walls keeps the water in one section from flowing directly into the others, though there is some communication.

In one high ceiling cavern, there is a small section portioned off, a half oval with its flat side against the natural wall of the cave. On a stone shelf stands a statue of the blessed virgin who overlooks this separate pool of water. The wall surrounding her cistern is chest high on me, but inside, the floor drops and her pool is deeper than all those surrounding it. There is a shortage of water elsewhere. I see a man dip into the consecrated pool to take away. Soon afterward, the depth of the water in all the surrounding caves drops.

A group of mud covered men stagger through a mud colored cave. Even their light source is of the same yellow tan. These men have come a long way to retrieve water. They are serious, but come to a halt when they see me. They stand panting with effort, dressed alike in ragged short pants.  I look into the virgin’s pool. Its water level has dropped several feet. I speak of my concern. I hear the voice of the priest of the cave. He says that it is gradually refilling from the aquifer, but that it will take more time. Even the desperate men will have to wait.


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