Posted by: normanlgreen | January 10, 2012

Dream, Janaury 10, 2011 hand made incense

Dream, home, 5:12 am

Camping down by a river.  A park ranger walks up. I stand from a campfire that I share with two friends. The ranger tells me that we must announce our presence and a coming event by way of hand formed incensers. He holds one up for me to examine. It looks like and empanada made of leaves and clay. These are to be set in or near the fire. The aroma the release will announce us and keep us in compliance with park rules. He leaves.

The representative of a competing band of men walks over the ridge, then crosses the road to our camp. He looks serious yet clownish. He is a large man, almost a giant, who wears a close-fitting knit cap and round-rimmed glasses of black plastic with thick prescription lenses. He speaks with a thick tongue, but is fierce in his delivery. His band and ours are to compete in a board game.  At stake is the right to remain. One of my companions does not take him seriously, so the invader picks him up by the collar and starts to run down the bank towards the river that flows between us and the setting sun. I call out to the attacker that we will be ready for the contest. He puts my friend down just short of the shoreline then walks away.

I gather some mud into my hands, form tortilla shaped patties then wrap them around a paste of vegetable matter. These I pinch into two half moon shapes that I join together at their thickest points, forming a four-pointed device that will stand near the fire, where it will bake then release its scent.

The ranger returns. I hand him my attempt at following his instructions. In his hands it shows itself to be lopsided, with one of the half-moons outwieghing the other. He gives me more instructions, with the patient implication that I will be given a second shance.


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