Posted by: normanlgreen | January 16, 2012

Dream, January 16, 2012 capitalize on scarcity

Dream, home, 7:16 am

I operate a tiny record company. We have prepared for the release of a pair of 45 rpm records. There is some interest in the public for the material. One of the records is manufactured, but there is a delay in making the second. They are two halves of one whole, so the company is in the position where we must hold up the release, which may miss the public’s enthusiasm.

We hit upon an unusual solution. We decide to release the existing record in advance of its second half. Each time a person purchases the single, they pay for both halves at once. At purchase, we collect their personal information with the promise to deliver the second disk as it is completed. This satisfies the immediate interest in the material, piques more public interest, and gives the record company access to information about its clients that might not otherwise have been gathered.

We sell many sets of records in this way. The delay is short, and the second record is soon ready for release. I take one of the second singles from its paper sleeve and examine the grooved surface. Light catches on the micro-grooves, and there is a smell of new vinyl. The center label bear the image of a man with arms outstretched – Leonardo’s famed drawing of human proportions as interpreted by a neolithic cave painter.


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