Posted by: normanlgreen | January 23, 2012

Dream, January 23, 2012 Donkey Kong, the road show

Dream, Home 6:10 am

I check into a hotel suite, as I travel with a road show. Unfortunately, I share the suite with my co-star whom I hate. She and I have create a surprise hit show, so far playing in New york, but now we are to tour the country.

The show is named Donkey Kong, and as that might imply, it features the two of us competing at the electronic game. The show is unscripted, it consists of us mercilessly sniping at each other as we try to beat each other at the game. We are both former stand-up comedians, so are quick with our words, if not particularly adept with the Nintendo controllers. The game is shown on a four-sided screen as we battle each other in the middle stage of a sports arena – something like a boxing match. Donkey Kong is merely an excuse for the cruel things we say to each other. Sadly, the bickering and sniping is all too real.

A magazine is open on the counter, showing a three-column-inch display ad for the night’s performance.  My obnoxious co-star and I decide to warm-up with a quick game.  The hotel room is bright with sunlight reflecting off of the white walls.  A kitchen island stands in the middle of the main room of the suite.  As I take up my controller, a little radio controlled car rolls into sight.  There is no screen, so I suppose this car represents my avatar in the game.  My co-star come out of her bedroom, mugging for the bellhops who have stayed in the suite to watch us practice.  After chasing each others’ car around the room, she and I get into a wrestling match.  She is showing off for the bellhops and flirting with them.  On the floor next to the coffee table, I grit my teeth and hoarsely whisper in her ear, “We only have one rule — and you are breaking it.” I feel a painful boil forming on the back of my neck.



  1. LOL, Hilarious, you must love the job.

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